One of the most significant technological innovations in recent memory is cloud computing. As the world grows more reliant on data and the insights that analytics can offer, storing, handling, and collection of data is a crucial operational function for countless companies. Due to the tremendous potential cloud computing has for businesses, cloud services have boomed in the modern business world. The Technocom approach to cloud computing can protect your data and improve efficiency for your company. There are many benefits to making the switch to the cloud that can help you cut costs and work smarter, not harder.


Modern companies rely on a wide range of applications to perform business-critical activities and keep customers happy. Due to the constantly evolving nature of technology, many of these applications are regularly updated with new features and bug fixes. Staying current with all of your applications can seem like an insurmountable task, and the rise of software-as-a-service (SaaS) aims to mitigate this concern for business owners.

With our (SaaS) services you have greater flexibility and incur minimal costs while using the latest versions of all the specific applications that optimize your individual business functions. Hosted in the cloud, our SaaS services empower companies to keep moving without being delayed or interrupted by software updates and clunky bugs.

Downsize Onsite Hardware

Another troublesome aspect of modern technology is the frequent need to upgrade hardware. Once your current infrastructure becomes unsuitable for the amount of work you’re doing, you’re eventually going to need to upgrade. By investing in our cloud services, you can drastically cut down the amount of onsite hardware you need to continue operations. Technocom offers various configurations, so you can pursue a hybrid solution if that works best for you.

The cloud also offers a safer solution for your data backups. Having an onsite backup is advisable since you’ll be able to deploy it much faster should a disaster strike, but some cyberattacks could affect your onsite backups as well as individual systems. By housing a data backup in the cloud with Technocom, you can trust your backups won’t be compromised by malicious external software that may breach your server.

Lower Costs

Whenever you invest in your company, it’s important to carefully assess the long-term cost of ownership for any given item. For example, you may believe it is cheaper to simply buy a high-end laser printer to print your own materials instead of contracting a professional printer. However, while the upfront cost may appear smaller, you have to factor in maintenance and service costs, training time for your employees, the costs of materials and supplies, and the manufacturer’s warranty and service offering. After taking all this into account, hiring a professional printer may work out to be the cheaper option in the long run.

The same logic applies to cloud computing. Instead of heavily investing in a large-scale upgrade or something that entails training, installation, upkeep, and warranty issues, you can leave those matters to Technocom’s experienced team, and we’ll determine and execute an implementation model that fits exactly what you need. Our services are very scalable, and account for various business models, so we’ll able to build a comprehensive rate schedule and service plan around your business workflow.

Better Disaster Recovery

The threat of data loss is all too real for many companies, and solid cybersecurity demands constant vigilance, and staying in touch with the latest technology trends and news. Businesses of various sizes across all industries invest heavily in cybersecurity, and cloud computing plays a large role in the modern cybersecurity landscape.

Our cloud-based disaster recovery system will be off-premise and disconnected from your in-house infrastructure. If you house your backups in the cloud, this means that even if your entire onsite network and infrastructure goes down, you still have a viable backup in the cloud. It’s vital to carefully assess a cloud provider’s security record. One drawback of cloud services is that public clouds store data from various end clients, meaning your data could cohabit a server with another company’s, and a threat to one could put the other at risk. Also, competing companies may use the same servers and can potentially breach your information if the service provider’s own protocols are flawed in any way. Here at Technocom, we understand the need for security and efficiency within a company’s infrastructure, and will treat your information as if it were our own.

Boost Collaboration

More and more companies are beginning to tear down walls between employees and encourage more teamwork across departments. When more employees get to play a role in a project, more contingencies are taken into account and there’s less room for errors. By hosting project materials in the cloud, your employees can access them from anywhere. This means all the people who have a hand in a project have constant access to the files they need, whenever they need them.

If you haven’t already investigated what cloud computing services could do for your organization, reach out to the team at Technocom for more information. Ultimately, cloud computing is changing the way modern companies do business. The technology has boomed over the past decade and it is only becoming more essential for companies to carefully address their specific needs.