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Digitally Transform Your Office with Document Management

Document storage is an essential part to any company or organization, and many of them are still relying on paper storage. But there’s a better, and more efficient, method available to you – go paperless and store your information digitally! Technocom’s line of HP, Xerox, Toshiba, and Kyocera copiers & MFPs give you the ability to scan documents, automate processes and improve your office efficiency.

Why should my office go paperless?

In comparison to digital-based processes, paper processes cost more, take more time, lack security, and are overall an inefficient method to store your data. Transform the way you do business and have your office equipment become your new office assistant.

Currently, 60% of businesses don’t have a digital process in place; but 48% of them agree that a digital operation would be more cost effect than traditional methods. With the cultural shift of wanting information provided as immediately as one requests it, more and more organizations are making the shift to a digital process.

Your copier should keep be able to keep up with the demands of your office and work at the speed of business. Whether you’re a health clinic, a financial institution, a manufacturing company, or other small business in the greater Charlotte area, your office can experience these benefits when they have technology that’s works in line with their team –

  • Decreased Costs
  • Improved Efficiency & Productivity
  • Increased Document Security
  • Easier & Quicker Access to Documents
  • Better Record Keeping
  • Ability to aggregate data

Many organizations have initiatives in place to promote a green and cost-effective office environment. With the average office worker printing 10,000 pages annually, the cost of one tree, it’s easy to see why the paperless movement is gaining momentum.

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