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How to Properly Manage your Printer Systems

For Office Employees on the Go: How to Properly Manage your Printer Systems

While engaging in day to day business, it becomes a necessity to manage the various printer systems, but knowing exactly how can be challenging. There are generally three brands one may encounter: Toshiba, Kyocera, and Lexmark. When performing operations with these printers, three tasks are essential to taking care of the devices as well as for fixing minor issues.

How to Clean you Printer’s Job Queue

A deadline’s approaching, and you need to print something quick. Unfortunately, you access the printer screen, and you can’t retrieve any of your print jobs. This is due to the print job queue being full, and there’s a simple solution to fix it:

How to Install New Toner Cartridges

  • Press the job status button
  • Select whatever jobs need to be deleted, and then press the delete button on the bottom left-hand corner

Everyone’s heard of it, but what is printer toner? Toner is a powdery substance that, when exposed to high heat, bonds to paper. When a laser printer or photocopier applies this heat inside the machine, the toner fuses on the paper, forming the images and printed text you see at the end of a print job. This is not the same as printer ink, which is used in most standard inkjet printers, but if it’s low, the priority to replace it is the same. To replace it follow these steps:

How to Properly Power Cycle Printing Machines

  • Open up the toner cartridge door, typically situated near the top of the printer
  • Remove the empty cartridges and place them in a proper cartridge recycling box
  • Take the new toner out and gently shake the box. This will loosen up any solidified toner and generally get more life out of the toner cartridge
  • Pop the new toner into the slot
  • If the menu prompts for a decision on the new cartridge, hit OK to accept the new toner

Occasionally, the printer may be acting up due to an error in the system. When this occurs, power cycling the machine will reset the system back to a responsive state and you can resume using the device. Here’s the proper way to power cycle Toshiba and Kyocera Print machines:


  • Find the power button on the screen, press it, and accept the shut down of the machine when prompted


  • Find the power button underneath the control panel and press it to turn it off
  • The screen may warn of powering off taking three minutes, just make sure to wait until the screen completely powers off
  • Locate the hard switch located near the power cord on the back right-hand side
  • Press the switch and completely shut down the machine