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Installing Ink Cartridge/Shaking

Productive Office Tip #14: How to Install Toner Cartridges

Our May 17th YouTube Productive Office Tips video by field service technician TJ McCamey titled “Productive Office Tip #14: How to Install Toner Cartridges” explored a common problem that we see when the ink-based printer and copier users switch to laser printers. It is not surprising that some users have initial difficulty understanding how to install toner cartridges.

On ink-based machines, the ink cartridge holder, also known as the carriage, typically moves into position once the user opens the lid or door or after the user indicates on a touchscreen menu that they are attempting to replace the cartridge. The empty cartridge either pulls up and out of a slot easily or requires a simple unlocking lever movement. On single function and multifunction laser printers/copiers, the slot for the toner cartridge remains stationary. On older personal and business machines, removal of the cartridge was often a complex series of steps that involved users feeling around by touch for the locking mechanism. Some users would have so much difficulty that they would even wonder if the cartridge had become somehow stuck in the machine.

At Technocom Business Systems we make every effort to guarantee that our clients are provided the easiest and most positive experiences with their printers and copiers. Whether you need to install a black toner cartridge in a single-cartridge machine or a black, blue, red or yellow toner cartridge in a multi-cartridge machine, the following simple steps performed in the video on a Xerox machine typically work for all of the equipment that we supply:

Step 1

Look for a door near the top front of the machine that flips down or pulls out and swings to the side. Open this door to reveal the cartridge or cartridges.

Step 2

Look for a handle near the front of the cartridge that you need to replace, and then pull the cartridge straight out of the compartment. Set it aside for disposal.

Step 3

Unwrap the new cartridge and shake it up and down and side to side a few times. Shaking the cartridge guarantees that you are optimizing its lifespan by making clumped toner particles separate.

Step 4

Slide the cartridge into the compartment until you feel or hear it click and lock into place. Replace additional cartridges, if applicable, as needed, and then close the door.

At Technocom Business Systems, we also believe strongly in protecting the environment at both our business sites and our clients’ locations. Through Toshiba and Close the Loop, Inc., our clients can enjoy free pickup and recycling services for their used toner cartridges and many other commonly used laser printer and copier accessories including, new toner cartridge bags, drum units, and toner refill bottles.