Technocom is full service productive office solutions company. We have been evolving for nearly 30 years and service is what continues to set us apart from the rest.

Move forward with your business, move forward with Technocom.

The only business systems support company in the nation open Saturday and stand behind the services and equipment we provide with six guarantees.

Unlimited Guarantee

Technocom Guarantees your digital systems for the life of the lease, with no volume caps or copy life limits. Should your system become non-repairable, Technocom will replace it with an equal or greater value at no cost to you.

Free Loaner Guarantee

Technocom Guarantees that, should your digital system require more than 8 workday hours for repair, we will provide a “loaner” system to you at no cost during the time of service.

Performance Guarantee

Technocom Guarantees to keep your Digital System performing up to manufacturer’s standards. We will provide you with a 5-year guarantee to ensure performance. Only genuine, original manufacturer’s parts and supplies will be used.

Service Response Time Guarantee

Technocom Guarantees a maximum average emergency response time, per quarter, of 4 hours within the State of North Carolina. In the unlikely event that Technocom should fail to meet that commitment, your account will receive a 5% credit on your next quarterly invoice.

Trade-up Program Guarantee

Technocom Guarantees that at the end of 36 months you may upgrade to a new digital system without penalty (current leasing and maintenance agreement must be in good standing).

60 Day Trial Program Guarantee

Technocom Guarantees that if your digital system does not meet your needs within 60 days, we will apply 100% of your money paid towards a system upgrade of your choice that Technocom offers.