Leader in Copier Service for Nearly 30 Years

Having been in this trade for almost thirty years, Technocom boasts in providing the best products and prices for large and small businesses through our copier services. Our team of professionals gets acquainted with what best suits your business needs after an upfront assessment. You don’t have to worry about making tedious orders for toners or maintenance that averts attention from the normal operations of the business.

You get to enjoy a range of services including:

  • One-stop-shop for print, copy service, network, mail services, and products
  • Specialized print with the help of our highly trained staff
  • A six-day customer support service and four hours of emergency service
  • Round the clock monitoring of printer equipment for toner other maintenance
  • Automatic toner and ink renewal
  • Six guarantees, including a sixty-day trial, loaner program, maximum performance, trade-up, and unlimited volume of products and services

Managing your printer usage, supplies and support can reduce by up to 30 percent. Develop and maintain a proven print management plan.

Service Guarantee

Over the thirty-year period, our business has been and continues to evolve. We believe our service guarantee business strategy gives us an edge in the competition. It offers:

1) Unlimited Guarantee

Technocom guarantees extend throughout the life of your digital systems and do not impose volume caps or limits on the copier’s life. What’s more, if it is impossible to repair your equipment, Technocom staff replaces it with another of equal or greater value without additional costs.

2) Free Loaner Guarantee

Equipment repair cause unplanned down times, which affect the overall productivity your employees. To avoid this, Technocom provides the business with a loaner system for free where the system requires more than eight hours of repair.

3) Performance Guarantee

We provide a five-year guarantee that ensures top-notch performance of office equipment. Technocom uses authentic manufacturer’s parts and supplies.

4) Trade-up Program Guarantee

Want to upgrade your old system? Technocom trade-up guarantees allow you to upgrade to a new digital system at the end of 36 months. There no penalties charged but we require an updated leasing and maintenance contract.

5) A sixty-Day Trial Program

Managed copier services are tailored to a company’s unique needs. As such, if the digital system does not meet your needs within sixty days of service, Technocom applies 100% of your cash towards upgrading the system that suits you.

To view our current best in market products, check out our Copier Product Systems.