5 Ways Microsoft Office 365 Can Work for You

The IT world has changed dramatically in a relatively short time, and it can be difficult for modern companies to stay in touch with the various IT concerns of the digital age. The software you use can make the difference between struggling to stay on top of business affairs and maximizing efficiency. Microsoft Office has long been a necessity for businesses, but there are new developments to learn about that are helping to keep the software ahead of the pack. Microsoft Office 365 is now available for new small and midsize businesses, and some new additions make it even more useful in today’s hyper-competitive and constantly evolving digital landscape. New voice and data managed services are bundled in with the reliable and consistently effective Microsoft Office suite, and these managed services are made available through Microsoft Office 365 at no additional cost.

1. Better Collaboration with Microsoft Groups

Agility is crucial within the fast-paced modern business industry. Professionals who can quickly shift gears and focus on multiple issues in rapid succession are extremely valuable. Additionally, more companies are starting to realize that sticking to rigid departmental structures bogs down innovation and stifles creativity. Collaboration opens countless doors, and companies are looking for new ways to empower their employees to work together across departmental lines.

One of the newest additions available in Microsoft Office 365 is Groups, a new collaboration application built for teamwork. Using Groups, your employees will have greater flexibility and the ability to pull in everyone that may be able to contribute to a project regardless of physical location. This enables business leaders to get the right people involved with projects at any time, and the group can keep tabs on everyone’s progress in an intuitive format. Encouraging collaboration in your organization means less wasted potential and more possibilities.

2. Enhanced Data Security

Most companies have significant cybersecurity concerns. Even small or fledgling companies can suffer catastrophic losses after data loss or a security breach, making cybersecurity a top priority for every American company. The new Microsoft Office 365 offers managed IT security-hosted in Microsoft’s secure data centers. Even a robust in-house infrastructure may not be able to fully account for disaster recovery and functional backup structures, so having these services bundled into Microsoft Office 365 at no extra cost can offer peace of mind to many companies.

3. More Cloud-Based Solution Options

Cloud computing is a major boon to modern businesses. Instead of investing in expensive, delicate, in-house data storage hardware, companies can simply rent storage space in the cloud. Most cloud computing services offer various configurations to suit any business model. Microsoft Office 365 allows subscribers to custom-tailor their cloud computing options to whatever structure works best.

Customers can now use all of the Microsoft Office applications entirely onsite, in a complete cloud environment, or a hybrid configuration of the two. Additionally, companies can specifically tailor different environments to particular employees or departments. If your business must adhere to specific compliance requirements, you can customize your cloud structure accordingly.

4. Empower Remote Work

Modern business is incredibly fast-paced, and more people are opting for telecommuting or remote work in lieu of long commute times or moving to a new state for a job. The new Microsoft Office 365 suite allows telecommuting to be more seamless so remote employees can access their work from anywhere. Additionally, the Microsoft Office 365 applications are optimized for a variety of devices. Your employees can connect to their work and complete it effectively from a laptop, tablet, smartphone, or desktop PC wherever they need to work.

5. Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Companywide correspondence often leaves room for misinterpretations, and some people can miss memos entirely. Two new additions to the Microsoft Office 365 suite are to reduce miscommunications and keep everyone in your company on the same page. Sharepoint Calendar allows you to effectively communicate the company schedule to everyone. This prevents scheduling conflicts and makes it much easier for employees to share information and ideas.

Another tool that helps to keep everyone connected is OneNote. Using this application, your employees can brainstorm and organize information effectively, regardless of physical location. There is no more need to gather everyone into a conference room for a brainstorming session. OneNote allows business leaders to direct who may edit or change files. The application also functions as a digital archive for past notes so you can track progress in projects over time.

Microsoft Office has been a staple of the business world for years. While applications like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint have been tremendous assets to professionals in countless organizations, the evolving needs of the digital age demand more functionality in reliable formats.

The changes to Microsoft Office 365 make it one of the most effective and reliable tools available for modern companies. With MS Office fully embedded into the personal, professional, and academic framework of the digital world, the newest updates are poised to keep the software, and your business, at the forefront of optimization.