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Printers with Personalities

Picking out a new printer almost feels like Christmas, that is, if you choose a printer with features you didn’t have before. Take a moment and update yourself on all the services that printers and copiers offer these days. Second, decide which ones would benefit the ebb and flow of your Carolina business.

1. Cloud/Mobile Printing

As your employees typically own smartphones, tablets and iPads, work starts to integrate itself into these devices. That’s why cloud printing (or mobile printing) is so desirable. These services send the job to a nearby printer (without even installing a driver).

2. AirPrint, ePrint, Google Cloud Print

Apple AirPrint works with iOS devices and a few printers (including Canon and HP.) ePrint supports specific consumer and small-office HP printers. ePrint printers have their own internal email address.

Google’s Cloud Print beta can work with any printer and is dubbed the “legacy printer.” You simply need a computer with Internet access, Google Chrome and a Gmail account.

When shopping for mobile and cloud printing, remember these three things: 1. Will the service accommodate devices with printing needs? 2. Print jobs sent through the cloud can come immediately . . . or never. 3. Watch for file formatting. Your fonts or text may be altered.

3. Web Apps

HP and Lexmark continue to lead in the area of web-based printer apps. Carefully consider you machine as much as the apps.

HP’s Web-enabled printers and copiers hold a selection of cloud-based apps. Some apps allow you to print wrapping paper, coupons, puzzles, paper crafts, storybooks and greeting cards, and more. This is extremely convenient for in-home printing.

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