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Technocom Productive Office Assessment

Aligning Your Technology With Your Company’s Vision.

We are often posed with the question, “why do I need to have a Productive Office Assessment?” I hope that the following article can lend some thoughts as to why they can be an integral part of a business review.

Doing a Productive Office Assessment (POA) will allow a business to determine whether or not the key business technology goals of the organization are being met. The POA should inspire us to ask these hard questions:

“Are we operating the way we think we are operating?”

“Are our employees doing the jobs they were hired to do?”

“Is there a better way to use Technology, Workflow, and Output Management to maximize our business environment?”

Today’s employees need to know not only the core competencies of their jobs, but also that there are tools and processes that will allow them to face a business world that is continually changing. To expect employees to be able to constantly think critically, to analyze, and to infer the optimal process is a daunting task.

Thankfully, we have decided to offer a team of skilled experts to perform this task for you.

And the very best part…the cost to you.

That comes later.

In the POA, Technocom will bring their expert’s onsite to Assess your environment, Evolve those results into a plan of action, Manage your output, and Enhance your business as technology changes.

Phased Approach

The beginning of the POA begins with the Assess phase. Technocom’s team will collect data about your business various ways. We begin by establishing your businesses goals and requirements. Our job is to make sure that our assessment findings fall in line with your wants. We will gather information through Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis of your current process, create a baseline of where you are today, develop a go-forward strategy to optimize technology and advanced processes.

From there, we begin to Evolve the baseline. Through the use of various monitoring systems, training, new technology, and management plans, we will implement the accepted plan into your business environment with minimal disruption for maximum results.

Now you will have a professional team set to Manage this new plan through Service Level Agreements, Software Applications, and Managed Network Applications. Not only is the new hardware continually monitored for optimum performance, but the business processes and workflow policies will be updated and enforced on a regular basis.

Finally, your POA team is dedicated to help you Enhance the assessment for the changing future of your business as your needs change. Whether it is a review of performance reporting, maintenance of managed devices, or implementation of new business process enhancements, our goal is to develop a long relationship with you as a trusted advisor.