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Why Document Management?

Workflow – Simplified.

We live in a world where time is truly of the essence. We understand that time is the most delicate measurable that we have and when it’s gone, there’s no getting it back. So, in a day, when we only get 24 hours to accomplish a plethora of tasks, we cannot afford to waste any time. What if there was a way to not “get back” time in a day, but save time on less important tasks by focusing on what’s actually going to make you and your business progress? Let’s focus on one tedious task that your business experiences at some point in time, that, if eliminated, can shift time to getting more done with more time.

Traditionally, businesses use file cabinets, file folders and other organic storage units to preserve the company’s information. Sorting through these intricately to find the information you’re seeking takes away from life’s most important measurable – time. Because files and information is important, how can a company still follow this process when something is needed to be found and maximize time altogether? One solution: Electronic Document Management.

Technocom Business System’s Document Management Specialist, John Bowling, says “document management uses features to electronically manage company’s information to access it faster, to be able to collaborate on the information and boost the productivity of employees.” This solution allows employees to spend less time looking for documents and more time processing the information that the documents contain. In this day and age, when so much information is able to be so easily retrieved, with social media, Google, apps, etc., having to wait has become very unattractive. Therefore, speed and pace are necessary keys to making the most of your precious time.

Because every company generates paper, document management systems aren’t industry specific. But where could your company benefit the most by having its own? “What we have found historically is the biggest bang for the buck for any company is utilizing document management in you’re A.P.A.R. side of the house,” Bowling says. These departments deal typically handle the most documents, in which are also very important to the company as well. “Having it [documents] all electronically, it can all be available not only at an instant, but available from anywhere because it’s cloud based, which will make you a lot more efficient,” says Bowling. Depending on the type of company, the areas within and the amount of paper used, every company can benefit from good document management.